Weather Policy

Winter Weather and School Closing

If there is a snow day/cancellation of school for any reason, the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation department will not host any activities. This does not mean that when school is not in session for holidays, in-services, or breaks that parks and recreation programs will cease.

If there is inclement weather on a non-school day, the chairmen and executive director will decide if conditions warrant the cancellation of events. If the executive director is not available, the board member in control of events will contact the chairmen. If the chairmen is unavailable, than the vice-chair will be contacted.

Information will be posted on Channels 3 and 13, the department answering machine, Facebook page, including members getting a message, and will be posted on the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation department’s website at

Tornado Watch

If there is tornado watch the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation department will not host any activities. Participants need to watch and listen to local weather for information. Cancellations will be posted to website and the executive director, or acting board member in charge, will contact supervisors and team managers.
If there is a tornado watch during an activity underway, all attempts will be made to contact parents or other transportation/immediate family.

Tornado Warning

When the sirens go off it is required that activities cease and you take shelter immediately without leaving the premises.

Thunder / Lightening / Thunderstorms

If thunder is heard or lightening is seen, all outdoor activities must cease immediately. The activity will be delayed for 30 minutes from the last crack of thunder or the last bolt of lightening. The supervisor or official of the event will make the suspension of activity call. If weather continues, the supervisor or official will contact the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation department director or emergency contact.

Contact Info

Director-Amanda Gerhardt
Home: 696-4484
Cell: 240-3174

CSAPR Office
696-7320 (Within the district x1033)