Freezin’ for a Reason Feb 20th 2021

North Kent Community Enrichment (formerly Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation) is planning a “Freezin’ for a REASON” event on February 20, 2021. This event will be held at Pine Lake, in conjunction with Pine Ridge Bible Camp, and will allow brave jumpers to jump into the icy waters to raise money – all in good fun, of course! We are very excited about this event and we are asking for YOUR SUPPORT as it will raise needed funding for our programs but also offer a recreational event for people from our local community and beyond to enjoy an outdoor winter activity. Individuals, groups, clubs and families will all be encouraged to participate and/or come and spectate
All are welcome to come spectate!
Must Raise a minimum of $30 to jump – T-shirt included
Raise $50 – Receive a T-shirt and a beanie hat
Raise $75 Receive a T-shirt and a beach towel
Raise $100 Receive a T-shirt and a travel mug
Raise $200 Receive a T-shirt and a Hoodie
Raise $300 Receive all 5 items
Register online to jump.
Make your own page and send it out to friends and family so they can donate to see you “Take the Plunge” and “Freeze for a Reason”.
There will be a mobile hot tub on site so you can warm up after you jump in the lake.
We are partnering with Pine Ridge Bible Camp for this amazing event. So you will be able to use their facilities to change and warm up.
Registration starts at 11am.
The jumping will begin at noon.

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