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Cash Prizes 1-3rd .
All ages welcome
Friday Jan 13th, 2023
6:00-8:00 pm
Cedar Springs Middle School

$20.00/Resident of Solon and Algoma Twp & City of Cedar Springs
$30/Non Resident

Registration can be made by cash or check at our office, via mail, or in the drop box, please make checks payable to NKCE.
Registrations can also be made online with a credit card for a small convenience fee at

RULES as follows-
 Format: Fortnite Battle Royale, Duos (1v1 Elimination Score Attack), Random Duos Lobby,
Standard (Duos).
 Matches will be Best-of-Three throughout the tournament leading up to Winners/Losers
Finals where it will become Best-of-Five. The Grand Finals of the tournament will play as a
 Players in each round should reach out via lobby chat to their matched opponent to set up
the lobby.
 Players are not required to submit screenshots when submitting scores at the conclusion
of each round. Players are encouraged to save a screenshot at the conclusion of each
game to assist in any disputes.
 All matches in this tournament will be completed in the same day.
 Any changes to the rules are possible at the discretion of the Admins.
 It is the responsibility of the player(s) to configure their custom controls (if applicable) prior
to each match. Any request to restart or retry due to improper configurations can only occur
upon Admin discretion.
 Admins may be best contacted on the day of the Tourney start period via the provided
Discord server on Battlefy.

Fortnite Battle Royale, Duos, Random Lobby.
Match Instructions:
 Matchmaking Game Settings:
 The Two (2) competing Players in Tourney Round will join a Battle Royale – Duos
gamemode & commence matchmaking in Duos (Standard) gamemode.
 Players may compete on a platform of their choice as dictated by available cross-
play platforms & current updates at the discretion of Epic Games at the time of the
tournament start date.
 Match Scoring Conditions:

 The winning Player will be determined by the Player with the largest number of total
eliminations. If both Players have the same number of eliminations, the tiebreaker
will be determined by the longest surviving Player.

 Round Conditions:
 Best-of-Three (Bo3) format depending on the segment of the Bracket with up to the
full Three matches must be played back-to-back. All matches must be played under a
single Fortnite (Epic Games Account) username per Player.

 Team Conditions & Griefing:
 The Two (2) competing Players in the Duos team are permitted to work together
within each round.
 Players are not allowed to intentionally cause the death of the opposing Player.
Intentional causes of griefing include but are not limited to sabotaging structures
directly to inflict fall damage, direct negative interference in blocking off the other
Player during conflict, or otherwise impacting negatively the gameplay of the other
Player. Fighting over Eliminations, or “last-hit” results, is not considered griefing
outside of the above context.
 Admins reserve the final say in determining the results and matches cannot be
rescored once the next Round commence

 Forfeit & No-Show:
 Players are allowed to Withdraw or Forfeit their Tourney Results at any point during
the tournament. All matches must commence otherwise within ten (10) minutes of
the bracket updating the upcoming round. If a Player does not show up within the ten
(10) minute period, the remaining Player should reach out to an Admin and inform
them of the situation.
 Any requested review of evidence, proof, or Tourney Results can be made prior to the
conclusion of the Tourney via contacting an Admin.

 In the case of a conflict, player submissions will be verified via Replays
or to finalize positions.
 Admins reserve the discretion and capacity to remove players and their respective score if
score submissions are deemed as violations of rules or conduct.
During the tournament, admins will be responsible for spectating games as needed, answering
questions, and updating standings at the conclusion of the Tourney. They are also responsible for

resolving any disputes and updating the standings accordingly. Admins will also distribute any
prizes at the end of the tournament or provide notification on the process of receiving said prizing.

Players can report their own score.

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