Area Parks

Parks in the area are maintained and reserved by their operating municipality.

If you are looking to reserve Morley Park, contact the City of Cedar Springs at 696-1330.

If you are looking to reserve  Gordon Park, Long Lake Park or other county parks  please contact the Kent County Parks Department or go to


Here are some of the parks in each of the surrounding areas.

H.B. Riggle Park is located in the southwest section of the city.  It is comprised of 3.0 acres of land bordered on the north and western edges by Cedar Creek and Cherry  Street on the southern edge.  In its present condition it offers a limited amount of play equipment; six bouncing animals; monkey bars; two swing sets; whirl around; slide; a buck-a-bout; a basketball hoop, backboard and concrete slab; (all in poor condition), no restroom facilities; shelter and limited picnicking and seating areas.  The park primarily services residents living in the southwest section of the City.  H.B.Riggle Park’s location is adequate for families residing in that area of the city.  Due to its lack of parking and equipment, its impact on the neighborhood is limited at the present time.


North Park is in the northeast section of the City.  It is comprised of 5.2 acres of land bordered on its western edge by Main Street.  In its present conditions it offers a limited amount of use.  All the play equipment within the park was unsafe and has been removed.  There is one ballfield in poor condition.  Also, on the site, is a small pond, which was once used as an ice rink.  There are no restroom or picnic facilities on site.  The park primarily serves the northeastern section of the City’s population and is inadequate for families residing in that area.  Due to its lack of parking and equipment, its impact on the area is limited at this time.



Township Parks


Chalmers Park is a neighborhood-oriented facility situated in the southwest quarter of Algoma Township.  This 5.3 acre park includes two ballfields, new picnic shelter and picnic area, tot play equipment, and developed parking.


Trestle Park consists of 2.35 acres of Township owned land adjacent to the White Pine Trail. This park has a picnic area with tables, two viewing decks, parking, parking for bikes and a historical marker and a vault toilet for a restroom facility.


Rivers Edge Park consists of 10.96 acres of Township owned land.  This park is currently undeveloped.


Camp Lake Park consists of 2.5 acres of Township owned land near the west side of Camp Lake, but does not offer access to the water.  This park is located north of 14 Mile Road near the west boundary of the Township.  The park offers a basketball court, a picnic shelter with table, playground, and sliding hill.  Camp Lake Park is readily accessible to nearby Algoma Township residents as well as those from the adjacent Sparta Township.


Algoma Sports Park consists of 20.00 acres of Township owned land adjacent to the north side of Algoma Township Hall.  This park has -three- tournament regulation ball fields, restroom, concession, picnic areas, and two t-ball fields, play structure, soccer field, one fully developed parking area, swing set and walking path .64 of a mile.  Helsel Memorial Garden was added to the park in 2004 and a Senior regulation field was added in the summer of 2009.



Community Facilities or City-WideParks

Parks are designated as city wide primarily due to their location and facilities available.  The Cedar Springs Area has three community parks at the present time.


Morley Park is located at the southern end of the City of Cedar Springs.  It is approximately 7 acres in size and is semi-developed.  The park is bordered by Main Street on the east, Cedar Street to the north, Skinner Field to the West, and South Street at the southernmost edge.  The community park has been developed to the extent that it has a gazebo, picnic tables, grills, lighting, drinking fountain, restroom facility (opened during the summer), and multiple sets of swings and play equipment, including adaptive swings and an accessible parking area. Also on the site is the old schoolhouse museum, which is open, with limited hours by the historical society, and the Boy Scout cabin, maintained by the Boy Scout troop.  Further, a museum (Cedar Springs Historical Museum) with historical displays is located in this park.  Informal parking is available.


Skinner Field is located at the southern edge of the City limits and is a part of Morley Park.  It is approximately 3 acres in size.  This park has been developed and includes a football field and track; a field house with showering and restroom facilities; announcing booth; concession stands; and parking.   Because it is part of Morley Park and the use is determined by a lease agreement with the City of Cedar Springs and it is used by the whole community, it is listed in this category of parks.


Veteran’s Memorial Park is located in the City of Cedar Springs at the corner of Main Street and Oak Street. The park has sitting areas for reflection and is lit for evening use.



Algoma Township Hall is located in Algoma Township building.  It has a public meeting hall for township residents and is located next to the Algoma Township sports park.


Courtland Township Hall is located on 14 Mile Road/M57 in Courtland Township.  It is easily accessible and has a picnic shelter, a playground, a baseball diamond, a sand volleyball court and is currently using port-a-johns for restrooms until future development is finished.


Boomer Park Soccer Fields are located on the east side of Ritchie Rd. in Nelson Township.  There are 8 fields on 25 acres with concession stand and rest room facilities.  Area soccer clubs runs this facility.


Shaner Ballfield is located on the southeast corner of 17 mile and Shaner Ave.  There are 7 fields for t-ball softball and baseball with a concession stand and parking.  The local ball club runs this facility.


Solon Township Hall is located on 19 Mile Road.  It is 1.5 acres in size and includes the Hall, one swing and slide set, and seven picnic tables.


Village of Sand Lake/Nelson Township Hall is located in the Village of Sand Lake.  It has a public meeting hall used for community meetings and events.


City of Cedar Springs Hall is located on Main Street in the City’s downtown area.  It houses the offices of City staff.


County Parks

There are two countywide parks, and three public access sites for fishing purposes within the Cedar Springs Area that are in operation and used by the Community.  Also, Fisk Knob, which is located in Solon Township, is county-owned, but currently it is undeveloped.  The paragraphs that follow will briefly describe each of these facilities.


Kent County Long Lake Park is located in Solon Township.  It is 133 acres in size.  On site the facilities include: one ball field; boat launch (primitive); picnic tables and grills; pavilion; three bath houses; primitive restrooms; play equipment and parking areas, all in good condition.  Long Lake Park is located on LongLake and there are two swimming areas, as well as fishing.


Kent County Gordon Park is located in Nelson Township and is approximately 20 acres in size.  On site the facilities include a four picnic area with tables and grills; a ball field; open play areas; and play equipment.  Restrooms are also on site, as well as parking.  The park is located across from the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail.


Kent County Myers Lake Park is located in Courtland Township between 10 and 12 mile roads and east of Myers Lake Road. This park has a shelter, restrooms, playground area, picnic area, swimming area and is accessible for fishing. There is not an access to the water for boats.


Lime Lake Public Access is located on the northern side of Lime Lake for fishing purposes.


Pine Lake Public Access includes a 10’ walkway at the end of Oak Lane, a 10’ walkway at the end of Patience Drive and one 20’ wide boat launch at the end of Love Drive.


Middle Lake Public Access is in Solon Township on the northern edge for fishing purposes.


Fisk Knob is located in Solon Township along its northern boundary.  It is the highest spot in Kent County.  In the past it was open to the public as a lookout area.  Currently it is undeveloped.